As a child the swings were everything
The one thing that was exciting and set you apart
You would laugh and scream for that sense of thrill, swings
The moment when your feet were swinging up so high the entire world seemed to spin and the only thing keeping you from slipping out was to keep reaching for the sky
The moment where your stomach seemed to lurch out from underneath you 
And you would jump from the highest point because it gave you something to prove in a world where there were no expectations
Because it made you seem brave

Its been ten years and the swing set has rusted

The old red paint has chipped off and the edges are starting to darken
With its deterioration you try to hang on to those last few memories drenched in golden sunlight but there are other demons pulling at your mind now and soon enough those too begin to rust and darken

The world still spins too fast and you’re still reaching for the sky but no matter what you do you keep slipping
And you wonder if it’s worth it to jump
Because now there are too many expectations and somewhere along the proofs and perseverance and proving you forgot what it felt like to laugh 
Now excitement is falsified and uniqueness is fabricated and sold on an assembly line
But if you jump they’ll think you a coward

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