Wishes: A Disney Video Diary

“I’m really not sure who I’d be without enchanted castles, kisses at midnight, fairy godmothers and wishing stars. The good thing is I won’t ever have to find out”- an excerpt from my journal

I still vividly remember the moment someone asked me if Disney World was truly worth it. If it wasn’t like spending a day at Six Flags or any other amusement park.

“Coming to Disney feels like coming home. There’s this true sense of magic that you don’t get anywhere else,” I answered, and as I walked down Mainstreet U.S.A for the first time in five years with happy tears streaming down my face I stood by those words. It felt like coming home.

My entire life has been surrounded by fairy tales and even as an adult I still
FullSizeRender spend my Sunday mornings with the Grimm Brothers, I still have my favorite princess on my wall, I still turn to the words of Walt Disney whenever I feel alone, conflicted or scared. I truly was brought up on Disney and I couldn’t imagine my life without its philosophy of dreams, hope, and magic. Disney truly taught me that imagination is limitless, that I could wish on stars, that no matter how outlandish my dreams were they were still possible and my life would be entirely different now had I not kept those lessons in my heart all these years.

This trip truly was a dream come true. I still remember being eight years old and seeing Dream Along With Mickey for the first time and thinking, “I wanna be just like them. I wanna wear those blue dresses and that smile and I wanna dance on that stage.” All throughout my childhood and adolescence, for every birthday, every Christmas, every graduation all me and my sister ever asked for was a trip back to the happiest place on earth. I remember sitting in my room on afternoons where I had nothing to do and browsing the Disney Parks website, dreaming about what hotels we’d stay at, what new rides we would experience when we finally got to go back. It all came true. I danced for Disney, a dream I’ve been holding in my heart since childhood, I flew with Peter Pan, I walked across the whole world. I can only hope this glimpse of my experiences will do it all justice, until next time Disney World.

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