How Far I’ll Go: A Boston Video Diary

Like every other teenager in the world I too experience the overwhelming need to run away from adult responsibilities every once in a while. On days when I just can’t handle another student loan, another call to the insurance office or another important errand to run, I turn to Disney movies for a carefree childhood escape. With Moana finally on Netflix I picked a particularly stressful day a few weeks ago to be a child again and catch up on what everyone had been raving about. As much as it’s considered a children’s movie, I advise every college student to watch Moana. With a heroine who leaves the comfort of her family to discover herself and give back to her people, there is nothing more relatable. Moana is all about rewriting your story and making your own choices, the perfect representation of the venture into adulthood we all face. The reprise of “How Far I’ll Go” embodies these themes the best but in the end it all comes down to the one line:

If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

1,625 miles is exactly how far I’ll go as I begin my journey at Emerson College. I am so incredibly proud of how far my education has taken me thus far and can only look forward with excitement to where it will take me in the future. It is with pride and excitement that I present to you this small collection of images from the last time I visited the beautiful city of Boston and give you all a glimpse at what my life will look like in the coming years, and to everyone else absolutely losing their minds over college and adulthood: heed the words of Moana. If you don’t just go, if you don’t take the first step or rather the first leap, there’s no telling how far it’ll take you in the future, so here’s to this new adventure and the many more to come.

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