City of Stars: Travel Diary

Thinking back on my last trip to California the first word that comes to mind is grateful. After having spent almost eight months away from home I was immensely grateful for every moment spent with my family. One short week seemed to encompass and celebrate past present and future. The sights surrounding us seemed so much like the home of our past, while it’s novelty held dreams of a future. However, the present is what I hoped to capture in this video. The way each moment felt so precious no matter how simple, simply because we were together again after so much time apart.

As much as I enjoyed piecing together all the places we visited, with their sweeping views and glittering sunsets, my favorite moments to capture and edit were the quietest ones. The afternoons we spent playing silly games around our AirBnB, the meals we cooked together, the conversations we had just curled up on the couch. Each one of those moments is just as magical and breathtaking as any enchanted castle or hilltop museum and is displayed as such.

Here is our mosaic of moments, glued together by gratitude and made to last whatever time we may spend apart.

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